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Marie in Operetta Heaven – A Testimonial

Careful thought is needed when thinking what to write about Operetta Holidays,– firstly, when praise is too lavish, it can leave you wondering if it is really genuine , written by an authentic client, or composed as an advertising ploy. Secondly, everything appropriate has already been said by previous clients, so what can I add to all the comments?

Well, everybody is different, and what they want from their holiday will likewise differ, so I offer my own personal experience as an example of what you may expect if you travel with Helen and Carl.

Initially, I spotted the advert in a music magazine, and phoned requesting a catalogue. This swiftly arrived, but there was no subsequent pestering – I asked for time to think about a holiday, as I was pushing 70, alone, and recovering from major surgery, so very nervous about my vulnerability abroad and in transit.

In due course, I felt I had an idea of what I could handle, and contacted Operetta Heaven again, asking for a face-to-face chat about my needs and wishes. We met, and all my questions were answered clearly, I was put at ease, and, feeling I could safely commit myself to Helen & Carl, with their guidance, I put together a really ambitious but exciting 10 day itinerary. I could never have dared to plan such a trip without the reassurance of their support, and obvious competence, and their enthusiastic involvement on my behalf meant I had a super holiday to look forward to with no apprehension.

From start to finish, everything went smoothly, thanks to the meticulous organisation, attention to detail, and unfailing reliability, of this couple. They not only made sure that I would enjoy every day to the full, it was clear as they entered into the activities with such enthusiasm, that they were enjoying it too. I felt I was on holiday with friends.

In the early planning stage, I said I wanted to go everywhere, see everything, do everything. A tall order! This was just what was arranged for me – I went to castle, cathedral, hunting lodge, al fresco music, park concerts (free daily), abbey, palace, theatre, the music ranged from sublime requiem, through concerts, to the gaiety of operetta.

I experienced closeness to Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Donizetti, Strauss, and much, much more. The hotel was perfectly located, I ate well. There were no hitches, but I had no qualms, as I knew that Helen and Carl would deal with any that might arise, with their unflurried professional expertise.

Even before I returned to the U.K., I knew I wanted to return the following year, to take in the places and music for which there simply wasn’t time last year, and once again, I have arranged an even more amazing holiday with Helen and Carl – more of the same – but different!

To anyone contemplating something similar, I would say ‘don’t hesitate, you will cherish the memories for a long time after’.

Marie L.

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